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Journeys Buckle Up Theatre

Journeys is a fast paced, physical comedy that romps along through a series of farcical stories, each ridiculous and occasionally poignant.


A soldier, an artist, an actress and a housewife, each running from the past, embark on a journey across a war torn landscape, experiencing misfortune, mishaps and mayhem, whilst forging new and loving relationships.

Four actors perform a variety of weird and wonderful characters and create a world from minimal set and props using only four chairs and four suitcases.  Each of the characters’ stories is recreated with strong physical characterisation drawn from clowning and Buffon techniques. Using only occasional words and phrases, accompanied by an evocative musical score, they create a piece of theatre that is not only funny, but understandable to anyone no matter what language they speak.

Journeys has already entertained audiences in Lithuania, Belgium and Germany as part of international theatre festivals.

Written/Devised by Michael Woodwood


Journeys Buckle Up Theatre
Journeys Buckle Up Theatre



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